Boat Ownership Registration Form

To leave a boat in the dinghy park, please complete the form on the link below (it will open in a separate tab or new window).

The Dinghy Park Management Committee are constantly seeking ways in which to improve the area, for the benefit and enjoyment of all, hence they are gathering basic information from all persons who site a boat on the Dinghy Park. By doing this, they will build up a register of information, which can then be used to contact the owner, in the event of any problem i.e. storm or flood damage something which they have not been able to do in the past. A corresponding sticker will then be provided to you, to attach to the boat as a point of reference.

Please help them by completing the Boat Ownership Registration Form below and returning it to the Parish Office (01263 741106) (or the Carnser Car Park Attendants Hut between 1st April & 31st October only).

Use of the Dinghy Park remains free, and your continued co-operation is greatly appreciated. However a donation is requested to help defray operating costs.

To apply for the temporary removal of a boat and retain the space please read all criteria and complete the Temporary Removal Application Form on the link  below (it will open in a separate tab or new window).