September 2023

The Referendum was held on Thursday 14th September 2023 at Blakeney Village Hall.  Thank you to those that voted, 90% of voters were in favor of the Blakeney Neighbourhood Plan and subject to NNDC endorsement, the required statutory Decision Notice is to be published w/c 6th November 2023.  In the meantime, our Plan should now be given significant weight in decision making.

July 2023

NNDC have advised the ‘Notice of Public Referendum’.  Following examination, and the incorporation of the required modifications, the Blakeney Neighbourhood Plan is now moving forward to a parish referendum.  The Referendum will be held from 7am to 10pm on ~Thursday 14th September 2023 at Blakeney Village Hall.  The referendum documents, including the Referendum Version Neighbourhood Plan, Referendum Information Statement and Examination Report are all available to view at Home | Blakeney Neighbourhood Plan (north-norfolk.gov.uk)

March 2020

The March Steering Group meeting had to be cancelled. However work on the Blakeney Neighbourhood Plan continues and a Draft Examination Version has been produced for review by the Steering Group members.

February 2020

Work continued on reviewing the Draft Blakeney Neighbourhood Plan to ensure that the changes made as a result of the Regulation 14 Consultation were as agreed.

January 2020

At the Steering Group meeting held on 30th January 2020 the lengthy Response to the Regulation 14 Consultation received from North Norfolk District Council was reviewed. Comments and Actions were recorded.

December 2019

The Steering Group met on 12th December 2019. The process of reviewing the Responses to the Regulation 14 Consultation from the public and the Statutory Consultees started. Comments and Actions were recorded.

November 2019

The Regulation 14 Consultation Period ran from 3rd October 2019 until 15th November 2019. Supporting Events we’re held in Blakeney Village Hall on Tuesday 22nd October and Wednesday 23rd October 2019.

October 2019

The 6-week pre-submission consultation starts on the draft Blakeney Neighbourhood Plan (Regulation 14). Residents and stakeholders have been asked to comment by 15th November 2019.

September 2019

Blakeney Parish Council agreed for the draft Blakeney Neighbourhood Plan to go out to consultation.

August 2019

The Steering Group are fine tuning the Neighbourhood Plan and preparing for the pre-submission consultation, which is likely to run through October and finish mid-November.

July 2019

The Steering Group had a productive Workshop with Officers from North Norfolk District Council (NNDC) on 5th July and went through many aspects of neighbourhood planning and how this could sit alongside the emerging Local Plan that NNDC are currently working on.

NNDC confirmed that they did not believe the emerging Local Plan would tackle second home ownerships, although this would be reviewed following analyses of their consultation responses.

NNDC confirmed they were still available to undertake the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).

June 2019

The independent review of the early version of the Neighbourhood Plan was undertaken, which resulted in a number of policy and layout recommendations to be used.  

March 2019

The Chairman of the Steering Group, Sam Curtis, presented at the Annual Parish Meeting the activities on the Neighbourhood Plan and outlined the next stages.  

It was felt that the policies were very good, when compared with their original aims and objectives, although there was still desire to seek a way of not losing any commercial premises in Blakeney. 

North Norfolk District Council (NNDC) gave some initial feedback on the incomplete Neighbourhood Plan. The Steering Group met with NNDC Officers on 25thMarch and discussed key elements – especially how the affordable homes for local people policy could be implemented, Graham Connelly (the Housing Enabling Officer) was particularly helpful in outlining how this would work for householders with a ‘local connection’ to Blakeney.

A further workshop with NNDC Officers is to be arranged to cover development, especially second home ownership, infill development and replacement homes.

February 2019

Deciding on the areas of important open space for the Open Space Policy was the key focus, each area is to be assessed for its important – strategic, historic and/or amenity.

January 2019

The focus was on the Local Economy and Tourism policies, as the Steering Group wanted to strengthen this theme.

December 2018

The Baseline Data Report has been updated and it is now complete.  Copies of the emerging policy drafting document were circulated and discussed by the Steering Group.

November 2018

The Steering Group reviewed the ‘History of Blakeney’ section, drafted by Tom Green, which gave a good introduction to Blakeney.

A Blakeney Conservation Area Appraisal & Management Plan was commissioned by NNDC and undertaken by Purcell’s, it was felt to Neighbourhood Plan could reference the good work in this document rather than repeating the details.

October 2018

The Steering Group reviewed in detail the emerging statements as they start to develop the policies for the Neighbourhood Plan.

September 2018

The outcomes from the community event in July were reviewed; these highlighted what was important to residents and would form the basis of the themes and policies.  

The new National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was discussed. The focus remains ‘sustainability’ measured in terms of environment, social and economy impacts.

July 2018

Steering Group meets on Monday 2 July.  It approves the draft Newsletter (Edition 2) and develops statements/questions on key areas on which to seek the views of residents and stakeholders at the consultation event.

Edition 2 of the Neighbourhood Plan Newsletter is hand-delivered to every household and business in Blakeney.

June 2018

Steering Group meets on Monday 18 June.  It agrees the Vision and Aims for the Blakeney Neighbourhood Plan and considers themes as part of preparation for the next consultation event.  The date of the event is agreed as Saturday 28th July.

May 2018

Steering Group meets on Monday 21 May to develop the Vision and Aims for the Blakeney Neighbourhood Plan and discusses plans for the next public consultation event to be held at the end of July.

April 2018

Residents of Blakeney were asked to complete a questionnaire to give their views about priorities for Blakeney. Over 200 completed questionnaires were returned and the Steering Group is using the responses to draft the Aims for the Blakeney Neighbourhood Plan.  Steering Group meets on Monday 26 April.

March 2018

Steering Group  meets twice Thursday 8 March and Monday 26 March.

Presentation to the Blakeney Annual Parish meeting on 15 March given by Shaun Vincent (ABZAG Ltd) and Sam Curtis (Chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group) covering progress to date – including feedback received at the community event and next steps. Residents and councillors present were asked to share their initial thoughts on the Vision, Aims and Objectives for the Blakeney Neighbourhood Plan.

February 2018

Community event held in the Village Hall on Saturday 3 February to launch the neighbourhood plan process.

January 2018

A Steering Group,  formed to oversee the development of the Neighbourhood Plan, meets for the first time and elects local residents, Sam Curtis, as its Chairman and Rosemary Thew as its Vice Chairman.

Edition 1 of  the Neighbourhood Plan Newsletter, to launch the neighbourhood plan process and explain how to get involved is hand-delivered to every household and business in Blakeney.

November 2017

Blakeney Parish Council commences the process of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan and applies for designation of the Neighbourhood Area to be covered by the Neighbourhood Plan.    Neighbourhood Area Application Statement

North Norfolk District Council confirms designation of the Neighbourhood Area as the entire parish of Blakeney.   Map of Designated Neighbourhood Area