Blakeney Quay

Blakeney Quay

Blakeney Quay is a tidal creek that provides the link to the Blakeney Harbour, Blakeney Point and then the North Sea.

The quay is a magnet for both children and adults who wish to go crabbing (or gillying as it is known). Crabs should be returned to the quay when finished. You may even catch an eel or small fish.

Most seal trips go from Morston (the next village west) but most tickets for seal trips are sold on Blakeney Quay by the various companies that offer seal trips – some with the chance to land on Blakeney Point near the Old Blakeney Lifeboat station. Whilst it is no longer a lifeboat station it is where the National Trust operate on the Point.

At the west end of the quay is a public slipway (there is another on the east side of the quay near the dinghy park). There are also mooring possibilities on the quay but it must be remembered that the quay is tidal. On a high spring tide the quayside is often over-topped.

The quay acts as the physical and possibly the spiritual centre of Blakeney in the same way that a village square might for other villages. Residents and visitors come together for Blakeney regatta, especially the greasy pole competition at the quay. 

Blakeney bonfire and fireworks take place on the Carnser which is at the east-end of the quay. The Carnser hosts the funfair for a few days each summer.

The annual Blakeney lifeboat service is also held on the quay as is the duck race.