Dinghy Park Regulations

The regulations that apply to the Blakeney Dinghy Park may be found below (they will open in a separate tab or a new window).

Please read the regulations if you intend to leave a boat at the dinghy park. Some of the more important regulations are:

  • Boats being left in the dinghy park must be registered with Blakeney District Parish Council (BDPC) and display their registration tag on the boat or mooring.
  • Boats may be left in the dinghy park from 1st March until 30th November inclusive. Before the 1st December please remove your boat and all related items.
  • Owners MUST hold valid Public Liability Insurance against third party claims. Please see regulations for further details.
  • Boats must be individually securely tied down with a substantial rope or strap across the beam and attached to the mooring chains provided or owner’s metal stakes.