Parish Council Meetings

Parish Council Meetings are held monthly in the Parish Office, next to the Village Hall.

All Parish Council and Committee meetings will be advertised on the notice board on The Pastures, by way of a detailed agenda, which will confirm the venue for the meeting, the time and the items to be discussed. We will also aim to place each agenda on our website ahead of the meeting, subject to operating time constraints.

Members of the public are welcome to attend all of these meetings and time is set aside within the agenda/meeting in order to allow the public the opportunity to speak.  Members of the public are welcome to stay for the duration of the meeting, unless there is a specific request that they must be excluded for a reason.  This is very rare indeed and the reason would be stated.

Minutes of our most recent meetings and also an archive of older meeting minutes can be found by clicking here.

Parish Council Committees hold separate meetings and separate agendas and minutes are issued. The list of committees may be found by clicking here along with any available minutes.